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Careers & Connexions

Why is CEIAG important?

CEIAG is vital in giving young people a better understanding of the working world, and how to succeed after leaving OSCA. Our Careers Education, Information and Guidance programme ensures all students begin to think about their futures as early as Year 7. All students, by Year 11 will have had experiences, activities and interactions with professional organisations and employers to give them an insight into the working world. By the end of Year 11, all students will have received one to one bespoke guidance on their future pathways, and one to one mock interview experience, to develop key skills that will help them succeed in the next stages of their lives.

As well as preparation for the working world, the CEIAG team work very closely with AimHigher who provide experiences and activities to help students’ awareness of university learning, and apprenticeships. This helps broaden the horizons of our young people, encouraging them to consider higher levels of education and training. This again helps strengthen their position when becoming successful professionals.

Quizzes and assessments taken by students mean they each receive individualised support, information and advice, as opposed to a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

How do we provide CEIAG to our students? Including a LTP/table illustrating CEIAG for each year group


Year Group 

Autumn Term 

Spring Term 

Summer Term 


Careers Assembly and tutor group activities 


Collapsed timetable L4S Day 


Connexions / Careers Hub drop-in sessions – Fast Tomato assessment 


Daily L4S tutor sessions – ‘Careers Spotlight’ initiative (all year) 


L4S Enterprise Day . 


Year 8 Parents’ Consultation + Pathways (Options) Evening 


Connexions / Pathways  Hub dropin sessions  

Assembly and tutor group opportunities CEIAG focus (July)  


Collapsed timetable L4S Day Connexions / Careers Hub drop-in sessions  


AimHigher and Aspire university trip 

Assembly and L4S activities 


L4S Day 


CEAIG drop ins – Fast Tomato update 


Experiences with employers 


Subject specific careers links in SOWs 

L4S Enterprise Day . 


Aim Higher initiatives  


Daily L4S tutor sessions – ‘Careers Spotlight’ initiative  


Guest speakers & workshops  


Year 9 Parents’ Consultation Evening 

Year 9 Enterprise day 


AimHigher activities 




Assembly and L4S activities 


Introduction to Work Experience 


L4S Day 


AimHigher mentoring, activities & trip opportunities 


Experiences with employers and guest speakers 


Subject specific careers links in SOWs 

Preparation for Work Experience assembly 


Collapsed timetable L4S Enterprise Day  


Aim Higher initiatives Connexions / Careers / WEX drop in sessions - 



Preparation for Work Experience 


Work Experience week (last week of term) 


Collapsed timetable L4S day – ‘Dress to Impress’ Yr 11 Work skills focus inc. Careers fair & mock interviews. 


Year 11 Parents’ Consultation Evening 


One to one Careers consultation with Level 6 qualified Connexions advisor (ongoing throughout year) 


AimHigher L4S Day – Guest speaker workshops with HE & CEIAG professionals 


Enterprise Challenge 


Follow up one to one Careers consultation with Level 6 qualified Connexions advisor 




Gatsby Benchmarks – overview and up to date report on how we meet the benchmarks/how we are planning to develop further

Benchmark 1

A stable careers programme

Your school has met 82% of the 17 assessment areas in benchmark 1

We plan to develop this area by holding whole staff CPD on CEIAG, and electing Careers Champions within each department. These will develop and highlight Careers links within their schemes of learning. CEIAG provision will be better tracked, and reviewed as a result.

Benchmark 2

Learning from career & labour market information

Your school has met 60% of the 2 assessment areas in benchmark 2

We plan to develop this area by using the new LMI dashboard, and sharing information more effectively with students, staff and parents.

Benchmark 3

Addressing the needs of each pupil

Your school has met 72% of the 7 assessment areas in benchmark 3

Many CEIAG activities involve a large number of students, some involve only a few. By using the new Compass+ tool, we will be able to record, track and review the experiences of each individual student. This will give us a clearer picture of any missed activities, so we can then ensure all students receive the support they need.

Benchmark 4

Linking curriculum learning to careers

Your school has met 100% of the 4 assessment areas in benchmark 4

We do this through our Pathways process and schemes of learning.

Benchmark 5

Encounters with employers & employees

Your school has met 100% of the single assessment area in benchmark 5

We do this by regularly inviting visiting professionals and employers into OSCA. This may be through Enterprise activities, or targeted workshops and talks. We also have external trips to workplaces and local businesses.

Benchmark 6

Experiences of workplaces

Your school has met 100% of the single assessment area in benchmark 6

We do this by running a whole year work experience programme at the end of Year 10, where all students experience a week in a professional working environment.

Benchmark 7

Encounters with further and higher education

Your school has met 100% of the 5 assessment areas in benchmark 7

We do this through trips, activities and workshops, such as the Brilliant Club. We work closely with AimHigher West Midlands to provide students with a broadened knowledge of further and higher education.

Benchmark 8

Personal guidance

Your school has met 100% of the single assessment area in benchmark 8

We do this by providing the opportunity for one to one guidance at for all year groups through drop ins. In addition, all Year 11 students have at least one consultation meetig with our level 6 qualified Connexions advisor.


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