Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Digital Information Technology

Our students at OSCA have grown up in a digital world. Technology and the digital aspects of our lives are forever expanding.

It is vital our students have an understanding of how digital information and technology will impact their lives, and play a part in their future.

We ensure all students in KS3 have the opportunity to explore topics such as:

  • E – safety
  • Use of social media and its impacts
  • Digital networks
  • Software applications such as Power point and Publisher

At KS4 we offer the Digital Information Technology BTEC.

The Award gives learners the opportunity to develop sector-specific knowledge and skills in practical learning environment. The main focus is on four areas of equal importance which cover the:

  • development of key skills that prove your aptitude in digital information technology, such as project planning, designing and creating user interfaces, creating dashboards to present and interpret data
  • process that underpins effective ways of working in digital information technology, such as project planning, the iterative design process, cyber security, virtual teams, legal and ethical codes of conduct
  • attitudes that are considered most important in digital information technology, including personal management and communication
  • knowledge that underpins effective use of skills, process and attitudes in the sector such as how different user interfaces meet user needs, how organisations collect and use

Students will learn through both theoretical and practical study and be able to apply their learning to ‘real life’ scenarios.