Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Computer Studies

ICT is studied at KS3-5 with students following a varied and challenging curriculum throughout. Students currently study ICT through the application of ICT to various “real life” situations.


All pupils in KS3 have embarked on the new KS3 Computer science curriculum. The key areas they are working on are machines and computation, data and representation, communication and programming and design.

KS4 students currently follow the OCR Nationals level 2 courses

They study a variety of units again through scenario based modules. Currently students study 1 compulsory unit based on general ICT for Business (Office programs, security, and internet use), Video, Sound and Graphics. Some extra units such as Animation, spreadsheets and Multimedia may also be covered.

This allows students to link to a variety of other subjects and leads a wide career pathway for all students.

At KS5 students continue to follow the OCR Nationals level 3 and Creative IMedia Level 3 courses that closely link with the Arts and Business subjects offered.

The OCR National students follow a course that concentrates on both the media and Business specialties. The compulsory units again concentrate on the use of ICT for business, Collaborative Working, Primary Research and the Use of Multimedia.

The student cohort then has a choice of units to complete their course. The Creative iMedia course is more related to the media and arts courses and covers the use of ICT in this area.

Computer Science Long Term Curriculum Plan

***Please note – Long term plans are subject to change to reflect changes in curriculum
guidance from exam boards and the Department of Education. ****


Useful links to support progress in Computer Science

Yr 7 & 8 – www.computinghomework.com

All students that we teach have also been provided with details on how to access their work area from home:


Computer Science GCSE