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Why is this important and how does it link to our values?

Hegarty Maths
The No1 maths interactive website used in the UK. It allows us to set and monitor homework tasks at several differentiated levels. This has been of paramount importance as a resource used for setting and monitoring homework, (even more so during lockdown). It also enables our students to become independent learners, and take a greater level of responsibility for their own learning, and for parents to be able to play their part, and to track progress. All of team maths use this resource with every class that they teach.

This website has topic help videos with several practise questions. Videos are excellent quality, and there are interactive diagnostic questions tagged to each topic, with instant marking. The resource enables independent learning, and thereby places a greater emphasis on students to take a greater level of responsibility for their own learning, and enables our parents to play their part in monitoring the progress of their learners. It also enables our GCSE students to use the 6 week revision programme that has proved extremely invaluable and popular over the years. Copies of these schedules can be found in the Knowledge Organiser Maths section.

How does it work? Key information/structure

Hegarty Maths
Students have access to thousands of videos, arranged by topic area, and classes can be tracked easily, as can teachers’ use of it. Students have a login, then watch the video, make notes, and finally complete the quiz questions. Work is marked instantly, the score is given as a RAG %, and there is a messaging facility that enables teachers to offer individual feedback on individual questions where they have had problems, or to praise them.

All videos are by grade, and there are thousands of downloadable worksheets with mark schemes. It also offers exam papers. Teachers can track students’ engagement with the website, and progress made on interactive questions. A great resource for GCSE revision, when students need a quick “go to” website for help in understanding a topic. Students have a login and can access tasks themselves, or be assigned tasks. Again, self marking and % scores given.
It also can be used to facilitate the 6 week revision schedule for both foundation and Higher Tiers.

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Subject Overviews:

Subject Aims/Intent:
Mathematics is a creative and highly inter-connected discipline that has been developed over centuries, providing the solution to some of history’s most intriguing problems. It is essential to everyday life, critical to science, technology and engineering, and necessary for financial literacy and most forms of employment. A high-quality mathematics education therefore provides a foundation for understanding the world, the ability to reason mathematically, an appreciation of the beauty and power of mathematics, and a sense of enjoyment and curiosity about the subject.

Subject Implementation:
We are guided by four underlying principles:
• high expectations for every child
• depth before breadth
• number sense and place value come first
• problem solving at the heart

We focus on fewer key concepts in each term, focussing on depth, and students demonstrate progress by making connections between representations, and applying them with and beyond the curriculum. Teachers find that spending longer on each topic enables them to really think and talk about the mathematics they are teaching. The curriculum is cumulative. We sequence the concepts and methods so that previously learnt ideas can be connected to new learning, supporting students in understanding the coherent and connected nature of the subject, and ensuring they consolidate learning by continually using and applying it in a variety of contexts.

LTP, MTPs and KOs
Assessment and exams: including exemplar assessments
At KS3 we test pupils at the beginning and end of each unit of work, so as pupils can easily see what progress they have made. We also do a termly test based around a wider variety of topics to assess working at grades for pupils.

KS4 pupils are tested half termly using GCSE style questions based upon the topics they have been studying. They are also tested at regular intervals using GCSE papers, to allow pupils to gain and use exam techniques they will need at the end of their GCSE.

Homework: including homework plans
At KS3 pupils are set one Hegarty Maths task a week, based upon topics they need to improve or building blocks for future topics. They are expected to take notes, to create revision notes and complete the quiz.

At KS4 pupils are set one Hegarty Maths task a week and one written task of GCSE style questions based upon the topic they have been studying or topics they need to improve upon.
Extra Curricular, Curriculum experiences: including pictures
We have several curriculum experiences, such as this year the maths stars of the week were invited upon a reward trip to Bletchley Park, where they could find out about Alan Turing and the enigma machine. Several previous reward trips have taken place such as to Think Tank and Botanical Gardens. We also have other experiences, such as Maths Feast, Inspiring women in mathematics and UK Maths Challenge.

As a department we encourage whole school participation in maths by celebrating pi day and numeracy day and run a chess club for all pupils from novices to expert players.

Useful subject specific links/Further reading/learning:
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KS3 pupils:

KS4 pupils:


Team Members:

Mr Qamar
Mrs Treble
Mrs Ashunombi
Miss Baggott
Mrs Bajwa
Mr Thompson
Mr Hamilton
Miss Brown
Miss Masih
Mr Edwards

Core purpose of team/Team Ethos:

To work collaboratively, and with a common vision that complements that of the academy’s, which enables it’s team members to make a positive contribution to the life chances within Mathematics and beyond for every student within our community. We operate as an all-supportive team, and work in close harmony with each other.