Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Anti Bullying at OSCA

Bullying is defined as: Intentional misuse of a power imbalance towards another person.  It is often ongoing in nature.

Bullying isn’t: a one time event, a simple conflict or argument or an incident which goes too far.

OSCA believes that all pupils are entitled to learn in a safe and supportive environment; this means being free from all forms of bullying behaviour.

We aim to promote an inclusive, tolerant and supportive ethos at the school. This is done in several ways:

  • Throughout the curriculum. All subject areas will encourage tolerance and inclusivity by ensuring students have a chance to work with a variety of students, and by having a range of opportunities to contribute in lessons. Subject areas will also touch on specific issues. This can range from e-safety in ICT lessons to discussions about human values and ethics as presented in a range of English Literature.
  • Through Learning for success (L4S). All students will follow a learning for success program which helps develop their awareness of a variety of issues, is underpinned by British values of respect and tolerance, and encourages students to explore and express their views. Our L4S program also includes assemblies, which will explore a range of themes, and L4S days.
  • Through enrichment. By providing a range of internal and external trips, visits, speakers and experiences, we can support the holistic development of each individual at OSCA, and introduce them to new ideas and perspectives so they will be caring, understanding young people.

We also have a strong pastoral system that supports our young people when there may be an issue arise. This includes staff and students working together to ensure all students feel safe and happy at OSCA.

Our strategies for limiting and dealing with bullying include:

  • A zero tolerance anti- bullying policy – with clear procedures to follow
  • A form tutor who can be a ‘first point of call’ and form groups which are vertical to encourage relationships across year groups
  • Heads of House and Assistant Heads of House who support our young people and can deal with issues that arise
  • A trained student ‘restorative justice’ council who can help fellow students and role model positive relationships


For more information on our Anti –bullying strategies within OSCA contact: Mr M Lovatt

For more information on how you can support your child being Bullying aware please visit: