GCSE iPod Software

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy is proud to announce that it has recently subscribed to an exciting new GCSE resource: GCSEPod.  GCSEPod provides podcasts which our students can watch on iPods provided by the Academy. All podcasts are enhanced with text and images and are designed to support students with their homework and during exam time. 

So many students at OSCA already are familiar with mobile technology and we hope to harness this existing technology to engage students with their studies in an innovative way.  GCSEPod has already been proven to have a significant impact on A*-C performance and we aim to make it an integral part of learning for every GCSE student studying at the school. 

Students can go to the academy library and borrow an iPod pre-loaded with GCSEPod podcasts.  Students can then navigate the chapters to focus on specific areas and learn about each subject with audio, text and images.