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Subject Overviews: PAPA

Subject Aims/Intent:
Performing Arts activities build essential skills of confidence, communication, resilience, teamwork and independence.
In an increasingly competitive world, young people need more than just good grades in order to compete in the modern world. Experience in a variety of different Performing Art disciplines can give students an edge in interviews, and add value to their CV.
It is also our belief that students should leave the academy well rounded and culturally educated. Historically in Sandwell, students suffer a lack of cultural experiences, largely due to financial restrictions. Therefore, it is seen as our role to enrich young people’s lives with these experiences. This can be done through lessons, extra-curricular activities and trips.
We communicate our dedication to Performing Arts with our community during open evenings, concerts and events, often showcasing the talent that is developed within this area.

Subject Implementation:

Each student in Year 7 & 8 receives one hour of Music per week, and an hour of Dance or Drama on a half termly rotation. From Year 9, students have the option to choose from Media, Dance, Drama, Music & Performing Arts as an option subject (3 hours per week), as well as receiving an hour a week of core Creative Media or Performing Arts. This means that all students receive Performing and Production Arts training & a qualification at Key Stage 4.
We have made choices around the modules delivered in this course to address the issues our community faces, and the current labour market. Many units of work link directly with employment trends and are based around vocational scenarios. All KS4 courses are newly designed, Btec TECH Awards. The components studied are:

Component 1- Exploring the Performing Arts (With a Dance Focus)
Component 2- Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts(With a Dance Focus)
Component 3- Responding to a Brief (With a Dance Focus)

Component 1- Exploring the Performing Arts (With a Drama Focus)
Component 2- Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts(With a Drama Focus)
Component 3- Responding to a Brief (With a Drama Focus)

Performing Arts
Component 1- Exploring the Performing Arts
Component 2- Developing Skills and Techniques in the Performing Arts
Component 3- Responding to a Brief

Component 1- Exploring Musical Products and Styles
Component 2- Music Skills Development
Component 3- Responding to a Commercial Music Brief
Component 1- Exploring Media Products
Component 2- Developing Digital Media Production Skills
Component 3- Create a Media Product in Response to a Brief

When choosing school productions we aim to select pieces that are relevant and inclusive, so to encourage maximum engagement and impact. This is particularly important when engaging boys.
We make sure that this curriculum is adequately resourced with a range of beginner to industry level equipment.
Subjects are delivered by specialists who themselves have had professional experience in the Performing Arts. This means lessons are engaging and taught with passion, with added insight into Careers links for each discipline.
Students have the opportunity to travel to major cities, and even abroad to see performances, and often work with other industry professionals through workshops and trips.

LTP, MTPs and Kos

LTP KS3 Music
LTP KS3 Drama
LTP KS3 Dance
LTP KS4 Tech Award
1 Example of MTP Music- With KO
1 Example of MTP Drama- With KO
1 Example of MTP Dance- With KO 

Assessment and exams: including exemplar assessments
KS3 assessment schedule
KS4 Assessment schedule
KS3 Assessment examples
KS4 Exam examples

Extra Curricular, Curriculum experiences: i

Performing and Production Arts proudly host an annual school musical production. Here is a list of our previous performances. Please stay tuned for information about our upcoming productions.

We Will Rock You
Beauty and the Beast
Mary Poppins

Other annual performances include our Christmas Concert, PAPA Crimbo, Summer Sizzler , Btec Showcases, Music concerts and showcases and a summer Dance festival.


In PAPA we offer a diverse range of trips to promote and inform of further opportunities and career pathways within the arts. Our annual trips include West End theatre visits and workshops with professional cast members, involvement in the Move It Dance Festival at the Excel Centre in London, a trip to Disneyland Paris to perform in a workshop lead by cast members of the Disney Parade and regular trips to local theatres.

In PAPA we offer an array of clubs such as, Film club, Ks3 and KS4 Dance club, Ks3 and KS4 Drama club, Boys Street Dance club, Afterschool Street Dance Club, Singing Club, Rock Band club, Coursework Catch up and our School Production Performance and Design Clubs.















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