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What is Prevent?

Simply put, Prevent is about safeguarding individuals from being drawn into terrorism, ensuring those vulnerable to extremist and terrorist narratives and ideologies are given appropriate advice and support at an early stage. Prevent is no different to any other form of safeguarding from harm.

Prevent is one of the four elements of CONTEST, the government's counter-terrorism strategy. It aims to stop people becoming terrorists or supporting terrorism. 


Extremism and Radicalisation

What is extremism?

Extremism is defined as vocal or active opposition to fundamental British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and belies.

An extremist strongly supports a certain idea or cause in a way that most people find unacceptable or unreasonable. They may use these views to justify hateful or harmful behaviour towards those they oppose or who oppose them.

Different extremist groups could target anyone. They may dislike certain people because of their opinions, lifestyle, identity or culture.

They will look out for vulnerable people who they can persuade to agree with their extremist views.

What is radicalisation?

Radicalisation is defined as the process by which people come to support terrorism and

extremism and, in some cases, to then participate in terrorist groups.


COVID - 19

Coronavirus is having a significant impact on young people and families, changing the way that we live, learn and communicate with others. While it doesn’t happen that often, unfortunately there are people online who use the internet, social media and gaming to spread extreme ideas.

Radicalisers can target children and young people by messaging on popular apps and websites. They then wait to see who responds before then taking the conversations further on a private platform.


Tips and advice

If you are worried about anything to do with PREVENT, maybe a friend or something you’ve read online, you can speak to your tutor, your Head of House, Ms Maiden as OSCA Prevent Lead or any of the Safeguarding Team at OSCA, we are all there for you and can help and support you.



Please use this link to the online tool to report any illegal or harmful information, pictures or videos found on the internet promoting terrorism or extremism



 ACT Early Campaign

The newly updated ACT Early campaign includes two short videos on Prevent. The videos provide an introduction to Prevent and to the work of Prevent officers.

You can find them here:

 Reach out for help

 Please also look at fresh appeal for parents and carers to remain vigilant about the signs of radicalisation and seek advice from ACT Early or contact the academy.


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