Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Student Planners


Being organised and prepared for learning is vital for students to be successful. In order to support students OSCA invests in academic planners for students.

The planner can be used for:

  • Making a note of homework tasks and due dates
  • Making a note to remember to bring in equipment for lessons such as PE and Technology
  • Making a note of meetings during the academy day or after school revision sessions

Our OSCA student planner also has a wealth of information to support students with independent study. It provides guidance and exemplars of how to learn and revise, as well as pages to create revision timetables or learn key spellings. It also provides information on how to access our academy e mail and remote access systems. We have tailored the planner to meet the slightly different needs of students at KS3 and KS4 so it is as helpful to students as possible.

We expect students to have their planner with them every day as part of their equipment to ensure they are prepared to learn. The planner should be out on desks each lesson so it can be quickly referred to when necessary.

Form tutors or parents/guardians are not expected to sign the planner each week. However, Form tutors may carry out random checks of the planner to ensure it is being used well. At the end of each term students, form teachers and parents/guardians can comment on the students’ progress towards individual targets. 

If a student loses their planner it is expected they will purchase a new one from our academy shop or student hub.