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Pastoral Aims

 The pastoral Intent is based around the academy key values of Opportunity, Scholarship, Compassion and Aspiration.

By having these values underpin all of our work with young people we can ensure we create an academy which is inclusive, safe and productive for all of our students.

This only comes where there is a consistent approach and expectation by everyone, therefore having a transparent, clear, and simple sanction and reward system will be the vehicle which supports the pastoral system.

Every child is given the support and challenge so that they can be the ‘best version of themselves’. Individuality is recognised and promoted so that students feel a sense of belonging and affiliation where and self-esteem, resilience and confidence are allowed to flourish. The vision and culture of our school is to provide students with all the necessary Attributes, Skills and Knowledge so they can work and live successfully in the future and make a positive contribution to society

We recognise and appreciate that students will make mistakes, this is what learning is at OSCA. Learning is deep and durable and students are given opportunities to reflect and revisit ideas and concepts across the curriculum. We also use our personal development and character curriculum, as well as tutor time, to work with students so that they recognize their personal mistakes, they learn from them and adapt and adjust their behaviour in the future. Restorative strategies will also be a key ingredient of this learning. Students will understand how we move on from an issue and having the resilience to do this will be central. Students will know there are consequences for their actions but will know that they will be supported to realign in the future.

It is vital that we expose students to a variety of situations where they learn key attributes which will help them as they move into adulthood, especially leadership opportunities to support their future aspirations. Barriers to learning are removed through classroom support but also pastoral support and bespoke support programs for those students who need it.

We know that learning and social development is not linear, we recognise it will be a ‘bumpy’ road. As role models we will steer students and support them to overcome the challenges that may lie ahead. We will ensure barriers to future success are negated via the support, guidance and experiences we provide and by having high expectations of all