Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Curriculum Aims


Ormiston academies trust has four key values at its heart:

  • Anyone can excel
  • Share what is best
  • Be Inclusive
  • Enjoy the challenge

It is these values which underpin Ormiston Academies Trust curriculum aims, which are:

  • Teach – the curriculum will identify the knowledge and skills students are entitled to
  • Develop – the curriculum sets out how students will develop socially and emotionally
  • Change – the curriculum is designed so that any student can excel and so that no one is disadvantaged

At OSCA these values and aims are at the core of teaching and learning. They help determine what we teach, how we teach it and the support and opportunities we offer the students in our care.

OSCA offers a broad and balanced curriculum, based around the National Curriculum. We ensure students have a chance to study a wide range of subjects from the more traditional subjects such as English, Maths and Science to subjects such as textiles, drama and music. Students take options during year 8 at OSCA, and begin Key Stage 4 in year 9. We have structured our pathways to ensure all students will continue to study as broad a range of subjects as possible.

All subject areas will ensure they teach both the key knowledge and skills needed for students to achieve their best. Teachers will use a range of techniques to do this, from individual work to group work and from discussion to practical or written tasks.

Teachers will introduce new vocabulary, theories and ideas to students. This will ensure students can be articulate, deepen their understanding and see ideas or concepts from a range of perspectives. Through challenge we develop and grow as individuals.

We ensure students have the opportunity to engage in learning outside the classroom. This may involve visiting speakers, trips and/or workshop experiences which support the planned curriculum. We also use homework to encourage students to develop memory and revision skills. OSCA provides advice and guidance to students on how to learn and encourages students to learn key facts and information independently; which will support their learning in the classroom and beyond.

To ensure students develop emotionally and socially we link ideas and concepts from subject areas to real life, and ensure students have opportunities to practice key skills within the classroom. Skills such as communication, leadership and resilience are vital for anyone to be successful.

There are other opportunities for students to develop their independence and leadership through programs such as Duke of Edinburgh and our academy council or subject groups.

Our personal, social, moral education, known at OSCA as Learning for Success (L4S), curriculum also encourages students to be active participants and independent learners. During L4S sessions a range of topics and social issues will be unpicked and discussed. These topics can range from social issues such as women’s rights to enterprise skills.