Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Student Organisations

Student Leadership Team

  • The lead student from each organisation will form the student Leadership Team.
  • The Student Leadership Team will meet once a half term with
    K Ahmed. The lead of each team will provide a report on the work of their group that term, and share plans and proposals to help move the academy forward.
  • The student Leadership team will elect a chair and deputy from with the group



In this Academy we believe that students are the most important members of our community and therefore it is vital to us that they have opportunities to express their views.

For the past few years students, supported by senior staff, have worked extremely hard to build a Student Voice model that works for them.

At OSCA Student Voice is not simply a platform for ensuring students’ opinions are heard and respected, although that is important, we also aim to develop leadership qualities within our students.

Student Leadership has a number of strands, each with a specific purpose and remit. These strands are made up of a select group of students and are led by Student Leaders. Student Voice is driven by the Student Academy Leadership Team that mirrors the Leadership structure of the Academy and is made up of representatives of the school’s Student Leaders, including the Head Boy and Head Girl, House Council Chair, Chair of the Sports Council and the Chair of the PAPA Council.

Strands in the representation side have a particular focus on ensuring student views and opinions are voiced throughout all levels at OSCA. Students who are involved in these strands will work more strategically to support the school and wider community.

Strands in the involvement side are designed to give students are more 'hands-on' role within the Academy community. These students will work more operationally to support the school and wider community.

By having two sections within our model, we allow a larger percentage of students from across the academy to be actively involved with Student Voice.