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Parental Advice

1. NSPCC Abuse in Education helpline

The NSPCC have launched a dedicated helpline to provide appropriate support and advice for victims of abuse and harassment and concerned adults, including onward action such as contacting the police if they wish to. 

This dedicated helpline will offer support to:

  • all children and young people making current and non-recent disclosures of sexual harassment or abuse on school grounds within school time, and incidents linked to school in any capacity
  • any children or young people who want to talk about being involved or witnessing any incidents
  • any adults who have experienced non-recent abuse
  • parents and carers who have any concerns about their own or other children

Anyone who wishes to contact the NSPCC helpline, Report Abuse in Education should ring 0800 136 663 or email help@nspcc.org.uk

2. Combating violent crime 
Warning signs and what you can do to help young people caught up in gangs
3. Make sure your home doesn't have an open door to child sexual abusers
Click on the link below to find out how to keep your child safe online

Make sure your home doesn’t have an open door to child sexual abusers. Follow the TALK checklist to help keep your child safe online. Find out how 1 in 4 teenagers receives unwanted sexual messages online.* Are you unknowingly letting child sexual abusers into your home? Young people are being contacted in their own homes