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The Design Technology Department offers students the opportunity to develop an awareness of design in our society, together with skills to design and make quality products which are fit for purpose.

We encourage active learning and we foster innovation and creativity during lessons. In all our lessons we stress the need for safety, accuracy and quality when using tools and equipment. In key stage three, our students will work on a range of design and make activities intended to stretch their abilities and build their knowledge and understanding of the subject.


In key stage four our students have the opportunity to specialise in 3D Art and Food Technology. Through the use of our well-equipped design studios, ICT suite, workshops and food technology rooms, our students gain a greater understanding of the subject. We encourage students to develop learning and thinking skills through group design projects and discussions of issues affecting the design of products in our society.

Technology Long Term Plan

Technology Medium Term Plan

Technology Ks3 Organiser 

Graphics KS3 Organiser


KS4 Long Term Plan for Food

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Food and Cookery - Technical Award

Food & Nutrition KS3 Organiser

Food Preparation & Nutrition Course Outline




CAAT - KS3 Enrichment Offer

Pupils follow a learning planned plan that aims to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding required for progression into KS4 and beyond.

Year 7:

Base line test – students conduct a base line test on their entrance into the Academy. This base line looks at previous knowledge of drawing, making and analysis of artist and art movements.

Project 1 – Formal elements, colour theory, self and peer evaluation, basic artist history understanding. 

Year 8:

Project 1 – development of drawing and painting techniques, analysis of artist and art movements, focusing on western art and art concepts. 

Project 2 – non-western art culture – investigations into from across the world, development of formal elements and skills, developing 3d making techniques using non-conventional materials.

There will be an ongoing assessments throughout the year that look at student understanding of materials, techniques and analysis.    

Year 9:

Project 1 – due to students selecting and beginning their options during year 9, each year we produce a project that is based on the previous year’s GCSE exam. This project enables students to experience the requirements for art GCSE along with challenging their ideas and encouraging independent learning. The main focus for this project is to develop the students’ knowledge and understanding of more complex materials and techniques alongside their ability to analyse and evaluate their own and others work.

Art KS3 Knowledge Organiser




Throughout KS4 students’ main focus is the building and completion of their portfolio. The student’s portfolio is completed in line with exam boards OCR regulations.

Year 10 – workshops, portfolio development,

Year 11 – completion of final portfolio, Final GCSE exam preparation and completion

Art Long Term Plan
Art Mid Term Plan

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Art and Design GCSE
Art (3D Art) GCSE
Art (Textiles) GCSE

Textiles KS3 Organiser

Photography Course Information

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