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At OSCA we place quality first teaching at the forefront of what we do. What happens in the classroom on a daily basis is one of the most important factors in a child being successful.

However, some students do need support in a variety of ways.

We have three types of interventions at OSCA.

  • 1) Interventions which happen in the classroom and would benefit the majority of the class. This could be the use of a different method or resource to teach a topic or concept. It could also be strategies such as altering the pace of learning or providing scaffolding to support students. Homework tasks set would also support in class learning.
  • 2) Small group interventions. This can range from groups attending extra sessions during weekends/holidays to targeted small group work led by Learning Support staff during the academy day. Data and analysis of assessment would be used to identify students who may benefit from this type of intervention
  • 3) Intervention for students who have an identified learning difficulty or need. This type of intervention and support can range and is tailored to what a student needs.


Interventions occur throughout the academy year – and those open to any student who feels like they need a little more support are advertised via assembly and our social media accounts.