Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy

Principal's Letter to Parents - April 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I wanted to alert you to a change to our annual calendar.

In trying to plan ahead at the start of the year, we had intentionally put 2 training days on w/b 4th July to coincide with, and to mitigate against the effects of the Muslim festival of Eid.  That is, so that Muslim students would be celebrating on a training day, rather than a school day.  At that stage, early indications were that it would fall on the Tuesday, hence the initial timings.

Alongside that, that week is transition week for our new year 6 pupils too.  I had lobbied Sandwell LEA last summer to move transition day to the week before, but to no avail.  

It now seems that Eid is likely to fall on the Thursday 7th July, although you may be aware we won’t know for definite until the week itself.  Rest assured, however, we won’t change the dates again irrespective of this.  

As a result we wish to change the calendar for week 38 - w/b 4th July:

Monday 4th July -                 Normal day
Tuesday 5th July -                 Transition day and evening (normal day for all students)
Wednesday 6th July -           Normal day
Thursday 7th July -               Training day, only staff to attend
Friday 8th July -                    Training day, only staff to attend

Although not ideal, this seems like the best solution.  Hopefully, with over 2 months’ notice, it shouldn’t cause any issues.  Please do come back to us if any queries though, or if this causes your family any difficulties.

Also, to aid your planning for the summer, September start dates will be as follows:

Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th September - Training Days, only staff to attend
Wednesday 7th September -                         Induction day, only years 7 & 12 to attend
Thursday 8th -                                                Return for all other students

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours faithfully,
Ms McMahon