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Student Rewards Scheme


At OSCA we aim to create a culture where praise, reward and achievements are accepted and celebrated. Therefore we have created our new OSCAR’S reward system, where students will be rewarded for a whole range of activities, both academic and pastoral.

The students created the new name and helped develop the logo. They wanted to show that each colour of the logo represented the colour of the house system, which symbolises unity between the houses.


Students will receive OSCAR rewards for the following categories and each reward will represent a monetary value. Once a student has reached the minimum target of 500 points they can if they wish redeem each block of 500 points for a shopping voucher. They may of course keep saving their points until they wish to cash in a higher value in one go. Also students can to use their points to help fund trips or help pay for their school prom.

Reward Categories:

  •         Excellent Work Ethos
  •         Positive Role Mode
  •        Commitment to the Academy/House
  •        Excellence in Attendance & Punctuality
  •        Awards
  •        House Points

Students at OSCA will also be rewarded in the following ways:

  •        Verbal praise/encouragement during lessons, L4S or where appropriate
  •        Displaying students work - in class, intranet and school website.
  •        Positive comment or praise in exercise books , sketch books or classwork
  •        Phone call or text home
  •        Positive postcards for excellent attainment/progress in both academic or pastoral studies
  •        Receiving OSCA rewards in & outside the classroom
  •         Receiving OSCA rewards for extra-curricular/outstanding school community participation
  •         OSCA rewards for nomination for student of the week per house
  •          Nominated for achievement assemblies at end of each term by your subject teacher/form tutor
  •         OSCA reward for ½ termly 98% above & 100% attendance
  •         Termly reward trips for attendance & behaviour
  •         Certificate / Awards at presentation Evening & Prize Day